Ship repair possibilities in the broadest sense

Marintech Ship Repair B.V. offers a wide range of services, all focused on repair and maintenance of ships. This is done on-site or from their own location. Always aware that time is a very valuable concept in shipping. Therefore, Marintech can be reached globally, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Some of Marintechs services:

  • Repair of all steel damages (stainless steel, aluminum, duplex, etc.)
  • Installation, fabrication and repair of pipelines (steel, stainless steel, cunifer, yorcalbro, aluminium)
  • Replacement of anchors and anchor chains
  • Installation of ballast water treatments systems
  • Annual and 5-yearly inspection of life boats and davits
  • Fabrication and repair of gangways and accommodation ladders (steel, aluminum)
  • Repair of hatch covers
  • Repair of ship cranes
  • Transportation and warehousing of ships spares in cooperation with De Kreek Transport BV
  • Fabrication strainers
  • Repair of GRE and GRP balast lines
  • Installation anti piracy barb wires
  • Shipcleaning in cooperation with Maritime Shipcleaning Rotterdam

Marintech Ship Repair B.V. is certified by the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) for the following manufacturers in cooperation with IHI Marine BV:

LB = life boats

DW = davits and winches.